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People ask me regularly how I came up with RabbitRabbit cards. Where did this amazing idea come from? And whenever I go to answer it it always sounds so fucking lame and uneventful. I usually say something like: Well, I was drinking alone in my studio one night and started doodling and these little pictures ended up in a shoe box until someone saw them and now 13 years later I am a billionaire.(joke)

But I think I’ve finally realized how I accidentally/ unintentionally came up with RabbitRabbit.

I’ll use a recent story to illustrate my new theory.

A couple months ago I was sitting in my living room sipping red wine (oh shit, here we go again) and chatting with my husband. Somehow I got onto the topic of how certain places seem to have different energies. Like Victoria for example. I was born and raised there and it’s pretty and all but somehow I always felt like there was a lot of weird energy there. Too much weed? Too many satanists? It’s hard to say. ( Apparently Victoria hosts the second largest satanic population in the world!) and then I was saying to my husband that West Vancouver (where I currently live) is known to have very potent spiritual energetic magic to it. Apparently, I told my husband, Eckhart Tolle, the famous spiritual guru from Germany, specifically chose West Vancouver to write his best selling novel The Power of Now because of this energy.

So the next day after this living room chat we head downtown to have a rare lunch with my father (Victoria) and his new (4th) wife. We meet at a lovely restaurant in Coal Harbour and just as we are settling in, guess who sits right behind my husband? Like 3 feet? Eckhart fucking Tolle. For real! Now that is the Power of Fucking Now!

But that isn’t the end of the story!

We have salad and prawns and a wacky visit (it’s always wacky with my dad) and just as we are getting ready to leave, my father asks for the bill, gets into a chat with the server and tells him in a full, if not loud volume voice (with Eckhart Tolle sitting right next to us) how his wife has a nice rack. That’s right! Out of the blue my father thinks it makes sense to talk about boobs with the server.

Don’t worry folks, this is a totally normal occurrence. Its what I grew up with.

So if anyone wants to know how I come up with RabbitRabbit silliness, it all stems from a lifetime of fucked up experiences like this! And that is how you write silly greeting cards!



f'n d wood

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