She likes me, she really likes me!

I received this email a few evenings ago:

Message Body:
It was a lucky-luck-won’t-touch-me-even-if-I-hung-a-steak-around-my-neck strike for me when I happened across your cards in a gallery of some sort on Commercial Drive tonight.
I saw the card about wanting to chew someone’s ass and I instantly have become a huge fan of yours.
Oh…oh how many lucky people are about to receive the best cards I have come across ever, as I ended up buying multiples – I hope you continue to make more :D
I am loving your sense of humor!

so I asked her if I could use it as testimonial on my website and received this email:

Sweet bippy!
You’re damn right you may freely use my email on your site! :D
As someone who does background acting for tv and film and is generally
balls out crazy and random – I have a high respect for anyone who shares their passion – whether they are an artist, actor, photographer – and you are the first artist I’ve come across that isn’t afraid like me to swear like a sailor and highly enjoy themselves whilst doing so >;D
You rock the awesome sauce Audra and now I’ll have to go and scout out the other locations or hell maybe just go online and collect the others I saw on there.
Because I know your cards would suit too many people so I can’t just share each card with just one person :P

And you also just totally made my entire weekend just because you wrote back :D
Stay awesome!

I love my job.

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