Valentines Sexy Love Day

RabbitRabbit Cards has a new website just in time for Valentines Sexy Love Day! We have a shopping cart, the most recent hot designs and our new Newsletter!

The Rabbit Foot Roundup will feature a so-called RabbitRabbit Blooper: an illustration that never made it to the printers, so keep your eyes peeled!

The birth of RabbitRabbit cards happened one night in a stinky basement studio on Oak street, Vancouver, B.C. I was an out of work actor/ painter and liked to spend my evenings down there, sipping cheap wine, listening to Bonnie Prince Billy and painting out all the anguish in my soul. I spent a lot of time down there while my dog stared at me from the grimy couch. One day I put down my paint brushes and sat at the table with a pen and some scraps of watercolor paper. Circles, lines and dots; I began doodling rabbits, and they were talking to me! Each one seemed to have something to say so I wrote it down, many of the sentiments being a direct reflection of my life. Like “let’s get married and fight constantly” or “will you please call my therapist for me?” Sometimes they were funny and sometimes they were wacked, which was also funny.

Here is an example of one my first drawings circa 2004.Parrot Lick


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